Watford Area Humanists Promoting Humanism in South West Hertfordshire
  • Books & DVDs

    Our group has a number of books which have been bought or donated and are available for loan to WAH paid-up members. Email Brian on g3ykb@yahoo.co.uk to request a loan. Books will normally be loaned for one month.

    SAPIENS by Yuval Harari  416pp 2014

    HOMO DEUS by Yuval Harari 462pp 2015

    SECULARISM by Andrew Copson 142pp 2017

    THE FIRST 150 YEARS by NSS 28pp 2016

    DOWN HOUSE guide book by English Heritage 52pp

    HUMANISM by Barbara Smoker 64pp 1998

    HUMANISM – A Short Course by BHA 56 A5 pages -2013

    A SHORT COURSE ON HUMANISM by Marilyn Mason 23 A4 pages – 2006

    HUMANIST PERSPECTIVES 1 (Resources for Primary Teachers) by Marilyn Mason 32 A4 pages 2005

    HUMANIST PERSPECTIVES 2 (Resources for Secondary Teachers) by Marilyn Mason 48 A4 pages 2005

    The following books and DVDs belong to Barbara & Brian but are also available for loan to WAH members

    THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD .. SO FAR by Lawrence Krauss 305pp 2017

    HUMANISM (Beginners guide) by Peter Cave 170pp 2009

    WHAT IS HUMANISM? Michael Rosen & Annemarie Young 48 pp 2015
    (How do you live without a god? and other big questions for kids)
    Humanists UK sent this book to most UK schools in February 2017

    GOD IS NOT GREAT by Christoper Hitchens 283pp 2007

    HUMANISM – A Very Short Introduction by Stephen Law 141pp 2011

    DARWIN FOR BEGINNERS by Jonathan Miller 176pp 1986

    THE LANGUAGE OF GENES by Steve Jones 318pp 1994

    Books by Richard Dawkins:

    THE SELFISH GENE 332pp 1989

    THE MAGIC OF REALITY 257pp 2012

    THE GOD DELUSION 174pp 2006

    RIVER OUT OF EDEN 188pp 1996


    THE VOYAGE OF CHARLES DARWIN – Three DVD discs (400 minutes total)

    CREATION (How Darwin saw the World & changed it forever) – single DVD (104 minutes)

    If you have any suitably appropriate books which you are happy to loan to members or donate then please send an email to Brian at g3ykb@yahoo.co.uk