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    Watford Area Humanists

    Partner Group to Humanists UK

    Associate Member of Humanists International

    Affiliated to National Secular Society

    October 2023 Update: on October 5th and 6th, John Dowdle (President) and Panos Fellas (Director of Communications) of Watford Area Humanists participated at Watford Grammar School for Girls in making an appeal for donations for Uganda Humanist Schools Trust, as well explaining the world-view that humanists possess.  A very invigorating and inspiring experience!

    We hope to have further news on how well the appeal went and what amount of donations for Uganda Humanists Schools Trust we attained at the school.

    We have obtained a Remembrance Day Wreath from the Royal British Legion and amended it so as to be able to lay a wreath on behalf of Defence Humanists UK at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday 12 November 2023 at the Peace Memorial next to Watford Town Hall and opposite Watford Library.  All welcome to attend.

    Welcome, Panos Fellas !!

    Panos Fellas has joined Watford Area Humanists’ Executive Committee as Communications Director.

    Panos will work closely with other executive committee members to re-launch Watford Area Humanists now the Covid pandemic has subsided to a point where regular meetings are once again feasible.

    We plan activities in the weeks and months to come and are open to suggestions from members and supporters that we can accommodate.

    We have refreshed our web site


    and also our Facebook site


    Please visit both sites when you can

    Panos has new ideas for our Humanists UK partner group which he will be outlining over the next few weeks, which should hopefully stimulate all of us to become more active in promoting the values of humanism and secularism within the wider Watford area.

    Please leave messages of support for Panos Fellas, our new Communications Director, on our Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/groups/watfordhumanists

    Hopefully – now – better days lay ahead for the cause of Humanism in Watford and the wider South West Hertfordshire area.

    • The religion question is voluntary; 94.0% (56.0 million) of usual residents answered the question in 2021, an increase from 92.9% (52.1 million) in 2011.
    • For the first time in a census of England and Wales, less than half of the population (46.2%, 27.5 million people) described themselves as “Christian”, a 13.1 percentage point decrease from 59.3% (33.3 million) in 2011; despite this decrease, “Christian” remained the most common response to the religion question.
    • “No religion” was the second most common response, increasing by 12.0 percentage points to 37.2% (22.2 million) from 25.2% (14.1 million) in 2011.

    Individual membership of Watford Area Humanists

    Individual membership of Watford Area Humanists provides an opportunity to enjoy social activities with like-minded individuals. We have organised summer garden parties, winter solstice dinners and occasional coffee mornings. We also organised external visits to places like Down House in Kent (Charles Darwin’s family home) and attended humanist and secularist conferences in London and elsewhere throughout the UK. Unfortunately, Covid remains with us at present. Only when we can all be safe and secure from infections will we be able to – once again – meet up personally at external events.

    Watford Area Humanists was established in 2008 to:-

    • Promote an understanding of Humanism in South West Hertfordshire.
    • Develop programmes to address the non-religious needs of children, families and people living and working in the South West Hertfordshire area.
    • Provide social, educational and cultural activities for humanists.
    • Provide a base for the development of Humanist philosophy.

    The Watford Area Humanists Group is a partner of Humanists UK (formerly the British Humanists Association). Humanism is a set of beliefs:

    • Human beings can lead good lives without being ruled by fear or superstition.
    • Based upon impartial consideration of available evidence, that there are no gods or creator beings.
    • Based upon impartial consideration of available evidence, that there is no after-life.
    • Being happy and doing good for oneself and others in the one life we all have.
    • Living life on the basis of behaving towards others as you would like them to behave towards you.
    • Respect for all other life forms and the natural environment on our planet Earth.

    If you would like more information – or to join us – please email us at Watford@humanistgroups.org.uk

    or browse more information here