Watford Area Humanists Promoting Humanism in South West Hertfordshire
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    Watford Area Humanists

    Partner Group to Humanists UK

    Associate Member of Humanists International

    Affiliated to National Secular Society

    In-person meeting update:

    We have booked the Thorpe Community Room at Garston Fire Station (near ASDA), 530 St Albans Road, Watford, Herts., WD24 7RX from 10:30 a.m. on Sunday 24 April 2022.

    There is no on-site parking but the ASDA car park is nearby. As the fire station is located on St Albans Road, there are a variety of bus routes running to the door.

    There will be coffee available and we anticipate the meeting ending at 12 noon, so attendees can get home in time for Sunday lunch!

    Please make a note in your diaries and – more importantly – make every effort to attend, as this will be our first real opportunity to meet up with one another for over two years.

    To receive the link to join the meeting, email watford@humanistgroups.org.uk.

    To view the latest – April 2022 – edition of Humanistically Speaking go to:-


    Note: further details can be seen on our web site and Facebook site.

    Members and supporters are emailed details 2 weeks before each meeting.

    If you wish to join us at our meetings, please email watford@humanistgroups.org.uk .

    We plan to hold face-to-face group social meetings once it is safe to do so. 

    See the EVENTS page for details of our next meetings


    Individual membership of the Watford Area Humanists provides an opportunity to enjoy social activities with like-minded individuals. Previously, we have organised summer garden parties, winter solstice dinners and occasional coffee mornings. We have also organised external visits to places like Down House in Kent (Charles Darwin’s family home) and attended humanist and secularist conferences in London and elsewhere throughout the UK

    Watford Area Humanists was established in 2008 to:-

    • Promote an understanding of Humanism in South West Hertfordshire.
    • Develop programmes to address the non-religious needs of children, families and people living and working in the South West Hertfordshire area.
    • Provide social, educational and cultural activities for humanists.
    • Provide a base for the development of Humanist philosophy.

    The Watford Area Humanists Group is a partner of Humanists UK (formerly the British Humanists Association). Humanism is a set of beliefs:

    • Human beings can lead good lives without being ruled by fear or superstition.
    • Based upon impartial consideration of available evidence, that there are no gods or creator beings.
    • Based upon impartial consideration of available evidence, that there is no after-life.
    • Being happy and doing good for oneself and others in the one life we all have.
    • Living life on the basis of behaving towards others as you would like them to behave towards you.
    • Respect for all other life forms and the natural environment on our planet Earth.

    If you would like more information – or to join us – please email us at Watford@humanistgroups.org.uk

    or browse more information here