Watford Area Humanists Promoting Humanism in South West Hertfordshire
  • Contacts

    John Dowdle President

    John Dowdle.


    Email: John Dowdle

    Telephone: 01923 448599

    • Chairs Annual and Ordinary General Meetings.
    • Liaises with Management Committee Members and outside bodies.
    • Checks draft Minutes and Agendas.

    Neal Emery


    Email: nealemery16@hotmail.com

    Telephone: 01923 238455

    • Gives Notice of Meetings.
    • Prepares Agenda for all meetings.
    • Produces Minutes for the meetings.
    • Organises occasional mailings to Members.

    Derek Foster


    • Maintains a bank account in the name of the Watford Area Humanists.
    • Keeps proper accounts of income and expenditure, and reports on them when required to do so by the Management Committee.
    • Signs all cheques with one other Member nominated by the Management Committee.
    • Collects subscriptions and receives income and funds on behalf of the Watford Area Humanists.
    • Presents accounts for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

    Richard Wilson

    Web Administration

    Email: webmaster@watford.humanist.org.uk

    • Please direct any website enquiries to the above email address.