Watford Area Humanists Promoting Humanism in South West Hertfordshire
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    The Next WAH meeting will take place at Centrepoint community centre at 1pm  on Saturday 13th October 2018 and finish at 3pm. Please note that subsequent meetings will also start at 1pm.

    Centrepoint is in Raphael Drive, Watford WD24 4GY  and we meet on the SECOND Saturday of the month

    Raphael Drive is about ten minutes walk from Watford Junction station – use the footpath at the pedestrian traffic lights in Orphanage Road to cut through to Monica Close/Raphael Drive. The entrance to the community centre is in Brocklesbury Close. There is street parking in Monica Close and Raphael Drive – no restrictions on Saturdays. The W20 bus, one per hour, goes down Raphael Drive, arriving at 1202.

    Our meeting will be in the computer room and will coincide with the Random Cafe which is in the main hall where tea, coffee and snacks are available. We propose to take a ten minute break at about 1 pm so we can buy snacks and anything else from the Cafe eg vegetables, tins etc.

    See     www.randomcafewatford.com     for more information about Random Cafe.