Watford Area Humanists Promoting Humanism in South West Hertfordshire
  • About Us

    Contact:  Brian on g3ykb@yahoo.co.uk  or Tel: 01923 228121

    Regular Events

    We hold a regular discussion group on the second Saturday of each month from 1 pm to 3pm at

    Centrepoint Community Centre,
    Raphael Drive,
    WD24  4GY



    See the EVENTS page for details of our next events

    Please feel free to join us for a social occasion, including some lively discussions and a “Pay As You Feel” lunch courtesy of the Random Cafe!!!

    Social Activities

    Individual membership of the Watford Area Humanists provides an opportunity to enjoy social activities with like-minded individuals.

    Watford Area Humanists was established in May 2008 to:-

    • Promote an understanding of Humanism in South West Hertfordshire.
    • Develop programmes to address the non-religious needs of children, families and people living and working in the South West Hertfordshire area.
    • Provide social, educational and cultural activities for humanists.
    • Provide a base for the development of Humanist philosophy.

    The Watford Area Humanists Group is affiliated to the British Humanist Association. Humanism is a set of beliefs:

    • Human beings can lead good lives without being ruled by fear or superstition.
    • Based upon impartial consideration of available evidence, that there are no gods or creator beings.
    • Based upon impartial consideration of available evidence, that there is no after-life.
    • Being happy and doing good for oneself and others in the one life we all have.
    • Living life on the basis of behaving towards others as you would like them to behave towards you.
    • Respect for all other life forms and the natural environment on our planet Earth.

    If you would like more information please write to the following address or email Brian Hodgson.

    Watford Area Humanists
    18 Nascot Place
    WD17 4QT